Rules and Terms for classified ads on

Everyone who places a classified ad on the website WWWW.MFNL.NL of the Motor Filatelisten Nederland (Dutch Motorcycle Philatelists) automatically agrees with the following rules and terms:

  1. Any item or service offered or requested in the ad must have a relation with motorcycle philately.
  2. Title, text and images in the ad may not be misleading, inaccurate or incorrect. Title and text must give a correct and clear description of the offered item or service. Images must be of the offered item.
  3. Ads with a mainly commercial aim are not allowed. It is not allowed to put commercial advertising text or links to commercial websites in the classified ads.
  4. Advertisers are obliged to respond within a reasonable term to reactions of those interested.
  5. When an item is sold, the advertiser has to remove the ad within a reasonable term, or change it status to "sold".
  6. Ads may stay on the website during a period of 6 months. After this period an ad may be removed by the MFN. The length of this period can be changed by the MFN without taking thought.
  7. The MFN always has the right to adapt or remove ads that do not comply with (the spirit of) these rules. In such case the advertiser will be notified.
  8. The MFN may make it impossible to place new ads for people who repeatedly infringe upon these rules. In such case the advertiser will be notified.
  9. The classified ads and any transactions coming from it are agreements between individual club members. The MFN as club has no involvement in them, and can never be held liable for any consequence.
  10. To be able to trace abuse, the IP-number of the used computer is stored when an ad is placed. In case of abuse, access to the website will be blocked for this IP-number.

Last modification of these rules and terms: 19-07-2015


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