About MFN and its activities

MFN stands for: Motor Filatelisten Nederland (Motorcycle Philatelists Netherlands). As the name already tells, the MFN is a club, which members collect stamps and related items (e.g. postal items, franking stamps, postmarks, First Day Covers) with the theme Motorcycle.
The MFN has been founded in 1987, on the initiative of Jan Termaaten, and in 2012 the 25th anniversary was celebrated. At this moment the MFN has about 90 members. Off course many of the members do ride a motorcycle, but others don't (anymore). The members can be found in all age groups: from youth to seniors.

The most important aim of the MFN is to bring motorcycle philatelists in contact with each other, and to inform them. This happens especially during the 2 meetings that are held every year, and by issueing a newsletter. Further the MFN makes that members can extend their collection, by organising a novelty delivery service and now and then an auction, and by supplying its members the possibility to place classified ads.
In the following overview you can see which activities the MFN organises. If you want to get more information on a specific item you can directly contact the indicated contact person, or via the general e-mail address.



A newsletter is issued for the members. In the newsletter information is given about different aspects of motorcycle philately. Examples of the contents are:

  • announcements of the executive committee
  • newly issued stamps
  • background information on certain themes in the collection (e.g. Manx TT, Olympic motorcycle stamps)
  • announcement and report of the meetings
  • tips and hints for your collection

The newsletter is issued 4 times per year. The printed newsletter is published in Dutch only. To the newsletters of March and September a separate appendix is added with the item list of the auction (see below), also containing images of all items that can not be found in the catalogue (like envelops, cards, postmarks etc.).

For sending the newsletter a special personalised stamp is made, with an image related to motorcycle philately and the MFN logo. Extra stamps can be purchased (in unlimited amounts) by all members. A few examples:

MFN Newsletter Personal Stamp MFN Newsletter Personal Stamp

Articles that can be interesting for non-members are also published on this website, shortly after the newsletter has been sent. Images are published here in full colour, and (with some delay) the articles are also translated in English.
Click here to see the contents of the last newsletter in Dutch, Click here to see the contents of the latest translated newsletter.  There is an overview of all articles that have been translated into English. All articles in Dutch can be found in the article archive.



Members can ask their questions related to the motorcycle philately to the "walking encyclopedia" of the club. When he can not answer the question himself, it will be tried, sometimes through a publication in the newsletter, to get the answer from another member.



Club meeting April 1999Every year 2 meetings are held for the members, 1 in the spring (mostly April), and 1 in the autumn (mostly October). The meetings are held in different parts of the country, alternately on saturday and sunday. The exact date and location are announced well before.
At the meetings all members have the possibility to show their collection to others, and to exchange, sell or buy stamps. Sometimes also an auction is held of motorcyle stamps and other postal items. The spring meeting is also used for a (short) annual general meeting.

MFN meeting
One of the members shows his collection on an MFN meeting

For each meeting a special personalised stamp is made. These stamps are only available on the club meeting, with a maximum of 11 (1 sheet of 10 + 1 loose stamp) per person. A real collectors item, making it worth to visit the club meeting. Here 2 examples:

MFN meeting Personal Stamp MFN meeting Personal Stamp

The meetings are also open to non-members who want to become acquainted with the MFN. For more information about the next meeting click here.



The MFN also issues a catalogue, which contains all known stamps with the theme motorcycle. Next to a good quality image of the stamp, various data like the reason and date of issue and its franking value are given.
Please note that the catalogue is in the Dutch language only!

Example of the MFN catalogueThe most recent version of the catalogue of the Motor Philatelists Netherlands has been issued in April 2016, and has been regularly supplemented afterwards. This catalogue can be viewed and downloaded from the website, by members only.
On the right you can see an example of a page from the catalogue. Click on it for more examples.
The total catalogue as issued in 2016 exists of 3 volumes, each bound with a ring binder:
- Stamps (note: only "official" issues that are also in the Michel catalogue are included
  in the MFN catalogue)
- Postal stationary
- Stamp booklets and (Dutch) Personalised stamps issued by the MFN
Note: the images in the paper version are in black and white, in the dowload version in full colour.

For ordering or the most recent information, please contact Hans de Kloet.


Novelties service

A novelties service is organized for MFN members by the Voorschotense - Wassenaarse Stamptrading (VPH-WPH). Members who subscribe automatically receive all new issues. Different kinds of subscriptions are possible, amongst others for normal stamps, blocks, stamp booklets, first day covers etcetera.

For subscription and questions about this service you can directly contact the VPH-WPH. For more info view their website: www.vph-wph.nl.



On most of the club meetings an auction of is held of stamps and other postal items. The items to be sold are either brought in by the club, or supplied by members. The auction is for members only.
Except during the auction itself, it is also possible to bid before in writing. The auction item lists are published well before in the appendix to the newsletter and on this site. Images are included from as many as possible items, on the site in full colour.

The committee is ready for the auction
The committee members are ready to start the auction

For questions about the auction, please contact the organizer.


Classified ads

On the MFN website is a classified ads page where members can offer and ask for items related to motorcycle philately. The idea is to stimulate mutual exchanging and trading between members. Therefore the ads can only be viewed by members.
Transactions coming forth from ads on this website are transactions between individual members, where the MFN as club does not have any involvement.
Click here for more information about the classified ads.


Want to become a member?

The membership of the MFN costs 22,50 euro a year (outside the Netherlands 26,50 euro due to higher postal rates). For this money you receive the newsletter (in Dutch only!) 4 times a year (of which 2 with separate auction appendix), sent to your home address, and you get free access to all facilities listed above.

You can subscribe online by using the application form.
You can also subscribe by sending an e-mail to the MFN, or to the secretary. If you first want to receive more information about the MFN, you can contact the chairman or the secretary.


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