The MFN-catalogue: It is coming and how to get it

In Newsletter 100 we already introduced the new MFN catalogue and in due time the Bèta copies have already been distributed for a last check. Although compiling was a time consuming job, making copies and stapling them was certainly not less complicated.

Compiling the catalogue was a lot of work....

Once all data had been processed, we had a total of 325 pages. Divided by 4 per sheet, adding the preface and last page and with a slighly heavier cover we reached the absolute maximum thickness that the copy shop could handle per booklet when we divided the total in 3 volumes. Thus we put all data on a USB stick and together with Nico and his Staples Office Center card we went to the shop. Once there it appeared that the pages could not be printed from the original Word document, but had to be converted to PDF format first. We were lucky that the man in the shop didn't have too much to do, and he was willing to convert it for us. As this would take some time, we went for a while hunting for stamps.
When we came back to the copy shop after something like 4 hours, we saw the MFN catalogue everywhere. The printer was busy trying to get the pages in the right order and get the booklets stapled, and there were half finished and wrong booklets everywhere. With the means they have available stapling of 30 pages and a cover was for sure not possible. But after several trials he had succeeded to get the pages in correct alphabetical order in the booklets, and therefore we agreed that he would only print and sort the books, and we would do the stapling and folding by ourselves. Must be possible we thought, as we already stapled and folded the previous versions.
Thus the next day we collected the test version and went home to fold the first booklet. Well, fold? Did you ever try to fold 30 pages at once? And also the home-stapler did not have enough capacity for the complete pile. Finally we got the brilliant idea to use an electic tacker, intended for floor carpets, and that worked perfect. Only flattening the ends of the staples with a hammer and that's it. The only imperfection is that due to the thickness of the booklet the pages stick out of the cover in a V-shape. But in respect to the extra costs of cutting the edges, we think this is a minor shortcoming.

Okay, after 7 years we are thus ready to offer you the new MFN catalogue. It is updated with all official stamps and blocks known to us, at least up to the beginning of 2012. The amount of included items has almost doubled, but despite this the 3 volumes together are slightly thinner than the 5 volumes of its predecessor. As already mentioned we want to present the catalogue in the autumn club meeting.

What will it cost? Printing in colour would drive up the price very high, and therefore we decided to print it in black-and-white. Like everything for the MFN we do it for fun only, and thus also this catalogue will be sold at cost-price. Members can get it for € 10, non-members have to pay € 15 for the 3 volumes together. Those who want to receive the catalogue per post have to add the shipping costs (Netherlands € 2.50, Europe € 6.80 and rest of the world € 10.45) to this.

Ordering is possible at Hans de Kloet per telefone (+31-35-6563418) of per e-mail.

Finally an example of a catalogue page of our own country:

One page from the Netherlands in the MFN-catalogue

Hans de Kloet


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