Postal Stationary Overview 2013

It is the intention to have a new version of the Postal Stationary Overview (PSO) available for the members at the MFN spring meeting on April 27th. This overview will contain all known postal stationary items with a motorcycle image, except for the French PAP's and the Chinese advertising PSO's, ordered by country and year of issue. After the first edition in 2007, the second edition with around 80 supplements came out in 2010. And now in 2013 thus the 3rd version.

I did not expect it to be possible, but again more than 80 new postal stationary items have been added. Of some PSO's that were already included detail images have been added to show the motorcycles more clearly.

Example of a page from the latest PSO catalogue

The intention is to complete the catalogue in March, and have it printed in the first week of April. It will contain more than 100 pages, which will make that the price will be somewhat higher. I think the final price will be between 2,50 and 3,00 euro.

First I will have 30 pieces made. If you want to be sure that you can obtain one on the spring meeting please send me an email. During the spring meeting the overview will be available for cost-price, and those who have registered before will get one for sure. After this postal costs will be added if you want to receive the catalogue by post.


Nico Helling


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