Catalogue Adventures

Despite the fact that we have worked very thoroughly when compiling the catalogue, the first missing items have already been found.
Soon after the appearance of the catalogue Ad van Tiel already mentioned a missing Japanese stamp, and when checking his discovery I found 2 other Japanese stamps that we missed.
In the series "Homeland blocks" it turned out that there is a post motorcycle on the 10th stamp on block no. 9. This stamp has got catalogue number 10A.

Japan Hoemland blocks no. 9
The "Homeland" block no. 9

Detail of the stamp with the motorcycle
Detail of the stamp with the post motorcycle

The other pair of stamps is part of a sheet in the series "Places of interest" and shows the most famous large street in Tokyo, the Omotesando. On both stamps (left and right printed together, Se-Tenant, in the sheet) various motorcycles are visible between the other traffic on this nicely illuminated street.

Sheet Japan from the series "Places of Interest"
The sheet from the series "Places of interest"

Detail of the stamp with the motorcycle
Detail of the left stamp with the motorcycles

And, although not very clear on these images, the motorcycle on the right stamp is a Goldwing. These 2 stamps, issued on October 21st 2011, have got catalogue numbers 10B and 10C.

The stamp with the Goldwing
The stamp with the Goldwing

Detail of the Goldwing
In the red circle is a Goldwing

Joop Kits, our ever waking catalogue-correction-assistant (who made a large numbers of corrections in the first test version of the catalogue) had mentioned several times that also the Thai issue for 125 years of post includes a motorcycle stamp. I thought that he meant the stamp showing a postman with helmet who delivers a postal article, and to my opinion this stamp is just not worth mentioning. This stamp is part of a series of 5 from 2008 (August 4th).

Stamp Thailand with postman with helmet
The stamp with the postman with helmet

As Joop mentioned it another time I looked again to the series and..... indeed, he is right. One of the other stamps shows a never issued stamp (the 1 Fuang 1883) and a large number of modern stamps. And amongst them is the mascot moped stamp. And not even really hidden. Thus another stamp to add in.

Stamp Thailand with very little image of the mascot stamp
The stamp with above the 3 the mascot moped stamp

Earlier we have already mentioned that the postal mascot stamp is also included in illustrated blocks. These large combination sheets, containing stamps from both the above mentioned series and the mascot series, are mentioned in the Michel, but don't have a number there. In total there are 5 semi-official blocks with next to the 10 stamps 10 show tabs. 4 of these blocks contain an illustration of a post office, and the 5th an image of King (Rama V) Chulalongkorn of Siam, the great reformer.

Sheet Thailand with the mascot-on-a-moped stamp

Sheet Thailand with the mascot-on-a-moped stamp

Sheet Thailand with the mascot-on-a-moped stamp

Sheet Thailand with the mascot-on-a-moped stamp

Sheet Thailand with the mascot-on-a-moped stamp

Further the mascot stamp has been used in many semi-official souvenir sheets/blocks with local province images in the sheet margin.

Probably more new discoveries will have to be added between the already known issues in the future, this is practically unavoidable. Off course new dicoveries and new issues will be announced in the newsletter.
The catalogue is put in digital form on the website, and is has been agreed with the webmasters that additions to the catalogue will be published once per month. When it concerns a change to an existing page, the month and year of the change will be printed after the page name. This makes it simple to keep track of all corrections and additions.
If you find an error or missing item in the catalogue, we are very pleased to hear it from you.


Hans de Kloet


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