Catalogue adventures (3)

Like I wrote in the previous newsletter members often deliver stamps that need further research to their "motorcycle worthiness". Very often it concerns a dot that has a motorcycle-like shape or something that resembles a motorcycle. Recently we were again attended to a few of these stamps.

The first was the stamp from Um al Qiwain (1965) with Kennedy's coffin on a carriage. After that some vehicles and with a bit of imagination you can see a motorcycle policeman. But we were not convinced and after an evening studying pictures from the funeral we found this picture that answered the question. It concerns a soldier with the flag and a soldier that follows the carriage with the favourite horse of the president.

Stamp Um al Qiwain funeral JF Kennedy

Picture funeral procession JF Kennedy

But this stamp had a side-effect, because the search delivered us a better picture of the image on the stamps of Antigua from 1988 (#9+10) and Barbuda 1989 (#8+9), which were earlier judged to be motorcycle stamps. At the place where we thought to see a motorcycle the picture shows a group of people.

Another stamp that could have been a motorcycle is the Austrian issue with Tom Turbo. The name and the drawing on the stamp give rise to positive expectations, but a bit of research delivered a picture and the knowledge that this actually concerns a bicycle. The bicycle, loaded with gadgets by some inventor, plays the leading part in an Austrian TV-show. Again a miss.

Stamp Austria with Tom Turbo

Tom Turbo

Next on the list is a stamp series of 1955 from Czechoslovakia. On them buildings of the socialists. The stamp of 1.60K shows the building of the miners union in Ostrava-Poruba. After magnification we see a motorcycle riding on the street:

Stamp series Czechoslovakia 1955

Stamp Czechoslovakia 1955

Detail of the stamp

Thus again an A-number in the catalogue.

A stamp that already puzzled us before is from Barbados from 2006. It concerns the celebration of the 100th anniversary of department store Cave Sheperd. In earlier announcements I was not notified about where to look for the motorcycle, but now we studied the whole series again in more detail, and indeed, on the stamp of 50 ct. there is a motorcycle used as decoration in the shop-window. A bit of Googling delivered us the used picture. Clear.

Stamp Barbados on the occasion of 100 years Cave Sheperd

Stamp series Barbados on the occasion of 100 years Cave Sheperd


Stamp Cave Sheperd department store on Barbados

The next 2 stamps are to my opinion no motorcycle stamps:

Stamp Jugoslavia

Stamp Bulgaria

The stamp from Yugoslavia is a bad drawing of a child on a bicycle and on the Bulgarian stamp there should be a motorcycle on the extreme right parking space. Well...... forget it!

Another item that already brought discussion a few times is the 1994 stamp from Anguilla showing the post boat 'Betsy'. On the background the mountains of 'our' island St. Maarten but according to some people a motorcycle on the path in the foreground. To me it seems more like a wheelchair.

Stamp Anguilla with post boat Betsy

But Okay, it is thus worthwhile when you all look for new items, and if you just suspect that you have found a missed stamp, please let us know. Thanks in advance.

Hans de Kloet


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