Australia: New, Newer, Again and Old!

In 2007 the Australian Post issued a prestige booklet around the theme "Nostalgic Tourism". This greenish booklet contains stamps with images from holiday activities and is illustrated with various pictures.

Prestige booklet "Nostalgic Tourism" Australia

On page 25 the theme Beach Beauty. We see a parking place near Bondi beach, with on the left some motorcycles parked by beach visitors. The stamp related to this topic shows a view on the bay from the veranda of Hotel Bondi.

Page "Beach Beauty"

Detail with the motorcycles on page "Beach Beauty"

Page with the stamps

Stamp "Beach Beauty"

Bondi is Aboriginal for "sound of water on the rocks" but we prefer the deep sound of the old motorcycles
In 2009, when celebrating "200 Years Australian Post", the post asked her customers to choose "Australia's Favourite Stamps". The participants could vote for 150 different stamps that had been identified in advance as likely candidates. Off course the winner was the first stamp with a Kangaroo, and in the top 5 we don't find a stamp with a motorcycle.

Booklet "Australia's Favourite Stamps"

But on the last 4 pages all nominated stamps have been depicted and...... amongst them 2 motorcyles stamps on 1 page!
In the center above Kate we see the stamp with MFN catalogue number 6, Mick Doohan on his Honda (2004) and printed over it Postie Kate, stamp #16, from 2006.

The page with the motorcycle stamps
The page with the motorcycle stamps

Detail with the motorcycle stamps
Detail with the motorcycle stamps

We already knew the issue of both series "Road Trip", captured together in one sheet. Below you can see how this looks. The sheet is non-perforated and contains all stamps from both series. The stamps have been placed on the map of Australia at the position of the subject represented on the stamp.

Page with all the stamps from the series "Road Trip"
The sheet with the 2 series "Road Trip"

Thus ours, Margaret River, on the south-west point of the island. The sheet is delivered in a hard cover.

Detail with the motorcycle stamp from the series "Road Trip"
Detail with the motorcycle stamp

The page with the special cover

What remains is OLD. Well, not that old but more for elucidation: the image of the block with the "mopeds" as included in the special Road Trip folder, announced in newsletter 106.

The block with motorcycles
The block with the motorcycles

The complete series Road Trip blocks
The complete series Road Trip blocks

Block with the complete series printed on gold foil
The block with the complete series, printed on special gold foil


Hans de Kloet


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