Isle of Man

Isle of Man is very active with issues for collectors.
The label sheets mentioned in the novelties with Joey Dunlop and Geoff Duke have also been issued in Special Collector Folders. The one from Joey has even been made in a limited edition (300) because it contained a piece of the shirt that Joey wore under his leather suit during the race.

Folder Isle of Man - Geoff DukeFolder Geoff Duke

Isle of Man - 1st folder Joey Dunlop with piece of fabric1st folder Joey Dunlop

Already before the day of issue all 300 JD folders had been ordered, and in great haste a second version was made. Off course without the piece of fabric, but with a special picture of JD in the fist TT at Man that he won for Honda. This item even reached the newspaper headings: "Isle of Man TT: Joey Dunlop stamps sell out in 72 hours".
The lucky ones that possess one can already sell it via internet for £150.-

Isle of Man - 2nd folder Joey Dunlop with special picture2nd folder Joey Dunlop

Short after that a new road was taken and collection pages were issued related to special performances.
The first in row was the lap record from John McGuinness during the 2013 TT. He hurried a round along the track with an average speed of 131.671mph (= 212 km/u). On the picture of John a stamp from the series 50 years of Honda in the World Championship (2009) was sticked, which was devaluated with a Grandstand postmark.

Isle of Man - Presentation sheet John McGuiness Lap Record

Isle of Man - Presentation sheet John McGuiness Lap Record in cover

Isle of Man - Explanation Presentation sheet John McGuiness Lap Record

Isle of Man - Signature John McGuiness on Presentation sheet

Directly the next issue in this series followed: Famous racing duels. One of the most famous duels between two riders was the one in the Senior TT 1967 between Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini. This battle was re-enacted during the 2013 Classic TT with John McGuinness instead of Mike Hailwood. On the document a picture of this battle and 2x stamp # 112, which shows Ago in full colour and Mike Hailwood in black and white, like a ghost.

Isle of Man - stamp with Agostini and Hailwood

Isle of Man - Presentation sheet Agostini and Hailwood

Here the document in the presentation pack:

All 100 documents have been provided with a hand made signature of John McGuinness. On the back a nice replica of the poster made for the Classic TT-races.

And now again it's John McGuinness turn. Because John, the Morecambe Missile, might climb the highest step of the rostrum in Douglas for the 20st time for a TT-race victory he is honoured with his own stamp issue. The block in A4 format contains 5 times the stamp mentioned before, and further we see a strip of 3 stamps (# 118) from the 2011 series, famous racing duels. The sheet was presented to him in a festive way, together with a special coin of 50 pence that also carries his image.

John McGuiness with Presentation sheet Isle of Man

Isle of Man - Presentation sheet John McGuiness

Isle of Man - Presentation sheet John McGuiness in cover

Also from this sheet a Special Folder has been made, with as extra an envelop signed by John and a lot of information. On the front of the folder also the 50 pence coin showing the rider making a wheelie.

Isle of Man - Presentation sheet John McGuiness with coin

For this coin also a nice presentation folder has been made:

Isle of Man - Presentation pack coin John McGuiness

The special limited edition envelop included in the folder has also been signed by mr. McGuinness. I guess his pen will be empty now.

Isle of Man - Envelop with signature John McGuiness

I can already tell you that more Manx collectors items are about to come, racing records and something about the 2nd World War, but because I don't have exact information about this yet it has to wait for a next Newsletter.

Hans de Kloet


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