Catalogue news

Already for some time I am thinking about a new set-up of the MFN catalogue.

On the latest club meeting I have informed with several members about how they use the catalogue. It appears that the catalogue is mainly used as reference list of existing motorcycle philately items, and that the numbering is used mainly in the auction list.

Such an "I own list" can be easily ordered on date and value, and then you don't have to change the numbering when a new discovery must be inserted between other stamps. Sometimes an issue has 2 (or more) stamps with the same value, and in that case the description will determine the order. In fact exactly as we do it now for the auction, next to the numbering.

With the large number of issues of the last few years the catalogue is already more or less outdated, only 3 years after its appearance. Therefor we strive to issue a new updated catalogue in the autumn of 2015. Apart from that, new issues are regularly added to the catalogue pages that can be found on the website.

More information will follow.


Hans de Kloet


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