The helmet: an essential item

In 2004 the UNO, the United Nations, issued a series of stamps with, as usual, the same theme in all three establishments: New York, Geneva and Vienna. The theme: Traffic safety. Here the 3-countries FDC:

The postmark from Vienna used on the FDC shows a helmet. Looking at the fact that it is not a common habit to wear a helmet in a car in normal traffic, it must be a motorcycle helmet. Here the FDC from Vienna and the loose postmark:

Mobile post office

Prestige booklets are issues for collectors containing stamps and information about a certain theme. The Dutch booklet no. 45 has as theme: Dutch postal cars. Off course for us as motorcycle enthusiasts not very interesting. But there is one page with the story of the Dutch mobile post office, which, as we all know, has been used for the first time during the TT-races in Assen in 1939.

The Prestige booklet containing the Europe stamps of 2013 has been issued that year on April 22nd, costs € 9.95 and can still be ordered at the PostNL - Collect club.
Here a few examples of postmarks from the mobile post office during the TT:

Christmas stamps with a Vespa scooter

Just in time I saw, for those of us who want to collect all items, that this year a Vespa scooter is depicted on the back of the sheets with Dutch Christmas stamps.

Note: different sheets are available at PostNL, Kruidvat and Trekpleister. The sheets of Kruidvat and Trekpleister carry their logo on the upper right margin, and a different barcode:


Hans de Kloet


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