No motorcycle visible
It has taken some time, but after "small, smaller, smallest" we now have a piece of motorcycle philately without an image of a motorcycle.
On the occasion of the year of the rat (Feb. 7th 2008 - Jan. 25th 2009) the Taiwan post company issued on December 3rd 2007 (3-11-97 according to the Taiwanese era) in the "earth cycle" a set of lottery postcards with the little rodents depicted on them. Everyone who received such a card from family or acquaintances, could see in March whether his card had a winning number. And... the first prize was: indeed, a motorcycle!

Lottery card, on the lower left the lottery number

Stamp image with rat

Info about the lottery

Filafalu, Hungarian for Phila Village, is a project from the Hungarian post to get youngsters interested in philately. The issue consists of six folders with 2 stamps each, with images of the imaginary village on them. The folder itself is part of a board game, and forms a playing board like a village together with the 5 other folders.

2 of the 6 folders

one of the stamps

Explanation of the game

the playing board

On the stamps are the characters to play the game, animals that exercise a certain profession. Unfortunately for us no motorcycling animals on the stamps, but there is a turtle on a scooter on each folder, and the same turtle with scooter on the inside of booklet number 3. The issue started in June 2008, and ended in the autumn of the same year.

The turtle on a scooter

First Day postmark

The Gambia
The Gambia, a country consisting of a strip of land of 10 km width on both sides of the river Gambia (Africa), has brought its right of issue under the wings of the I.G.P.C., thus a country of which we classify the stamps nowadays as "foot-note issues". But still they have issued a quite nice stamp in 2013:

Two blocks with the theme "Red Cross". One of them with a single stamp, and one with 4 stamps in a row. The last one contains a stamp with a Harley-Davidson and a group of volunteers on it.
It concerns a group of volunteers of the famous Flying Squadron, which claimed to be on the road after a summon within 3 minutes. The Flying Squadron was part of the American Red Cross, founded in 1881 by Clara Barton (also depicted on 1 of the stamps) after the model of the Red Cross active in Europe. In the last years of the First World War it had been stationned in London, England. For transport they used Harley-Davidsons with sidecar.

At the left the stamp, at the right the original picture

On the second stamp in the sheet the female volunteers from Birmingham, Alabama are depicted together with scouts, with the yield of a collection during a benefit parade. On the stamp the flag with the money in it is just not visible. A pity, therefore I thought it would be nice to show this image in its entirity.

I.G.P.C. also issued of Gambia a long series of stamps and sheets with the Second World War as theme. On a sheetlet from 2005 we see the Dutch Royal Family depicted and some scenes from the liberation festivities.

As such not relevant for us, but on a series of FDC's images from the battle are shown. On the FDC with the Battle for Arnhem there is a picture of the bridge near Nijmegen(???).

In the front a checkpoint and next to the gunners point stands a motorcycle. A discovery by detective Ton.

Detail with the motorcycle


Hans de Kloet


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