Reaction to Harley's from Spain

Henk Janse, Harley-Davidson enthusiast and connoisseur, reacted to the article in the former newsletter about the Spanish Harley stamps. He told about the Harley JD that this specific one is probably a JDS (S from Sidecar). I agree with him, as the model shown in the museum is equipped with a sidecar.
He also mentioned that a two-cam is not the same as a twin-cam. For me as H-D layman a 2 is a 2, and therefore I automatically assumed that a two-cam is the same as a twin-cam. Thus, herewith a correction. And something learned.

Another discussion arose from the name Peashooter. The model shown on the stamp is a 1926 Twenty-one B-model (21 cubic inch = 350 cc) with electric lighting. I agree. There was also an A-model available with acetylene lighting.

But according to Henk Peashooter is the name for the sports model of the Harley-Davidson OHV racing model S with Sager front forks. The name should originate from the staccato sound coming from the short non-muffled exhaust used on this overhead valve engine.

Here the very short exhaust pipes are clearly visible

And indeed, with an internet search on the word "Peashooter" by far the most hits are related to the sports model, but there is also a lot of info about a street model equipped with a sidevalve engine with the same nickname. According to some of my sources, the specific sound would be caused by the Ricardo cilinder head (known from Ford engines) that was used, where the spark plug is not placed above the piston but above the valves.
Therefore we will leave this discussion in a draw.

A HD Peashooter in action on the dirttrack


Hans de Kloet


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