Cuba, from our viewpoint lying in the West, westernizes at high speed. As a result the old, round Coco taxis got a more square shape, and the drivers are obliged to wear a helmet.
Shortly all passengers in an open vehicle must also where a helmet over there. That is off course not very pleasant, and therefore a new kind of taxi is already chugging around in Havana. With 4 wheels, doors and a round steering wheel. Not interesting anymore.


The Norwegian post, Norge Posten, at the end of 2014 sent christmas greetings to its customers. The card shows a drawing by Kjell Midthun on the front side, and has an imprinted stamp with the same image on the address side. It is a "postage paid" card, and thus postal stationary. Kjell Midthun is an illustrator of books who also draws card and calenders, for which he often uses gnomes. Sometimes they are sitting on motorcycles. Also on the used Posten christmas card from the series of 2008. The postmark is also printed.


The strangest competitions are held with motorcycles. The Tuk-Tuk makes no exception to this rule. In Thailand (where else) they even cross with these 3-wheeled scootmobiles. It is a class on its own in the Thai motorcycle sports. And one of the rules is that the matches are ridden with passengers. Thus be careful if you want to step in one of these carts in Thailand.
Here a sheet personalised stamps on which you can see crossing tuk-tuks:

Hans de Kloet


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