The MFN catalogue

In fact I prefer to call it the "MFN overview of known motorcycle stamps", as regularly new discoveries, announcements of them, or new insights about stamps result in modifications of the catalogue.

Anyhow, at the moment of writing of this article the new catalogue is in its final phase, and in short (think of half December 2015) the internet users amongst us will be able to download the renewed issue from the MFN website. On the website the catalogue is available in colour (in PDF format). Those who don't use internet or prefer to have a paper version of the MFN catalogue can announce this to me. This can be done in writing or by telephone (for contact data see the back of the newsletter or the contact page). The printing/copying costs for a paper version (in black & white) will be around 10 euro, and shipment will cost around 3.65 euro within the Netherlands and 11.25 euro for other countries. Anyhow only the actual cost price.

In the new catalogue the numbering is abandonded. It appeared that (almost) everyone uses the date of issue as identifier, and in this way we don't have to modify the numbering in case of insertion or removal of a stamp.

Voorblad van de MFN catalogus (versie 2012)

The overview of the known motorcycle stamp booklets is also in an advanced stage, and is at the moment being checked for errors. This volume will also contain an overview of the MFN - PPZ issues (personalised stamps issued for shipment of the MFN newsletters). Now it is clear that personalised stamps, issued by philatelic clubs, may also be used in collections, an overview of these MFN stamps is desirable.

We want to make the catalogue together to a work of reference that is as complete as possible. Thus, if you have any additions, comments or remarks, we are very pleased to hear them from you.


Hans de Kloet


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