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Now we know that Personalized Stamps, issued by the Post, are also suited for collections and expositions, we also want to inform you about them.
Already in 2013 the Austrian Post issued a booklet to celebrate 100 years electrical mobility in Austria, with in it a sheet with 8 personalized stamps on this subject. On June 15th 1913 the Postal Service put the first electrical parcel car into use, an Austro-Daimler made in Vienna, with the driving in the hubs.
From 71 electrical vehicles in 1930 the Post strives to have more than 1000 electrically driven vehicles in use at the end of 2015. In 2013 the E-vehicle park consisted of a number of Kaiser-Schlögel 3-wheel scoot-vehicles for parcel delivery in Vienna, 167 electrical bicycles, of which 100 Puch Post E-bikes (like on the stamp) and the rest Pedelec MIFA's. Further 10 Renault E-Kangoo's and 8 Citroen E-Berlingo's, and an E-scooter park of 5 Oxygen OX4's and 75 Piaggio Liberty 50 Electro scooters (like on the stamp).

Personalized stamp  of Austrian Post, with electrical post bicycle

Personalized stamp  of Austrian Post, with Piaggio Liberty electric scooter

On November 18th 2013 a celebration was held in Vienna, in the building where during many years the E-vehicles of the Post have been parked and maintained, and where now the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel is located. There was the introduction of the booklet "Die Geschichte der Elektromobilität" (the history of electro-mobility), issued by the Energieagentur and the BMLFUW (Austrian Ministry of Environment). The Austrian Post AG is represented in the book with a page sheet with 8 stamps with images of various E-vehicles. Those present received as extra to the book an additional brochure of 36 pages in which the Post presents its E-history.

Brochure Austria about electric post vehicles

Brochure Austria about electric post vehicles

In the front of the book the Personalized Stamp sheet below:

Page with personalized stamps of the Austrian Post with electric post vehicles

Hans de Kloet



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