Surprise stamp sheet

At the latest club meeting Leo surprised me with a Sberatel (name of the International collectors fair in Prague) Personalised Stamp Sheet from Czech republic, with an antique front-seater-3-wheel-motorcycle. In the sheet are 9 stamps and nine labels with 4x and 5x an image of the 3-wheeler, a Laurin & klement from 1911.

Personalised stamp Czech Republic with image of Laurin & Klement 3-wheeler

Klement, a bookseller, and Laurin, a locksmith, started in 1895 with the production of bicycles in the town Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic (at that time still Austria-Hungary). Soon they also produced motorcycles. In 1905 autos joined and in 1925 the factory was bought my a machinery producer, ŠKODA. Skoda started the present car factory in the factory building of L&K. Nowadays the Skoda museum is housed in the old factory buildings next to the present factory, and this is where we can find this nice tricycle model, the L&K type LW.
In 1905 a comparable kind of front-seater was built, but because the seat in the front made that the engine cooling was not satisfying, in 1907 this model LW with a 780 cc (5 hp) engine was introduced, where the L stands for Last (= German for load) and the W for Wassergekühlt (= German for watercooled). 1911 was the last year of the motorcycle production.

Personalised stamp Czech Republic with image of Laurin & Klement 3-wheeler

Laurin & Klement 3-wheeler type LW

Laurin & Klement 3-wheeler type LW

Skoda includes the L&K years in its history, and celebrated its centennial in 1995.

Franking stamp on the occasion of 100 years Skoda

Cancelation postmark Pilsen with Skoda logo
Cancellation stamp of Pilsen, where the Skoda factory is based

Envelop with old franking stamp Skoda

With thanks for a personalised sheet.


Hans de Kloet



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