Semi-official Personalized Stamps

In the former newsletter we already announced that some Personalized Stamps now have a kind of official status. Today again 2 of these issues.

Thailand issues already some years sheets with personalized stamps that have been made by postal districts.
In April 2015 a few devastating earthquakes have occured in Nepal. By the large quake of April 25th 8.600 people have been killed, more than 14.123 people were hurt and one million people got homeless. On May 12th a second heavy quake followed.
On May 28th the Thai Post started an action to raise funds to help the victims and the re-building of Nepal under the name "Thailand Post for Nepal". One of the actions is the issue of a stamp sheet in co-operation with Canon, with on the labels pictures of Nepal in better days. Post and Canon both donated half the benefit of each sold sheet to the Thai Red Cross for relief work.

No matter how serious the situation was and is, on position 2:1 of the sheet is a stamp that is interesting for us. The label shows a picture of the Krishna Temple in Katmandu on Patan Durbar square. This temple fully collapsed during the first earthquake (see picture).

Low on the right on the label is a motorcycle visible and on the left side a motorcycle is just driving into the picture. In front of this a kind of motorized carrier cycle.
The special thing of this sheet is that the stamps are not continued on the labels, as is usual with many personalized stamps, but the label images are continued on the stamps.

The other issue is an even stranger bird. Also issues by postal musea fall under the heading "semi-official" and the postal museum in France has issued a kind of sheet-booklet with self-adhesive personalized stamps, with images of post delivery on the stamps. The theme is "Quality level of postmen". On the stamps various items that are connected to post delivery.

But the item that is most interesting for us is located on the front side: an electrical post bicycle.

The sheet is for sale in Paris at the Musée de la Poste.


Hans de Kloet


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