About the catalogue

The "Dikke van Dale", the most famous Dutch dictionary, gives as description for catalogue: "list, register of items, books etcetera of a collection".
In the past several catalogues regarding motorcycle philately have been issued, of which a few under the flag of the MFN. First Eric Mulder compiled the Dutch motorcycle stamp catalogue, and later this developped into a series of loose booklets with stamps, postal stationary, stamp booklets and bogus stamps (Cinderellas).
At the last club meeting the 2016 issue of this series was shown. Nico compiled the postal stationary catalogue, with in this 3rd edition again many new discoveries and new issues. The undersigned has made an overview of the known motorcycle stamps, and a combined overview of stamp booklets with motorcyle images and personalised stamps issued by the MFN.
It has become an illustrious collection in a complete new form. Up to now the parts were stapled booklets, with the nasty habit to close by itself during use. As the postal stationary catalogue had to be split in more volumes, and the stamp catalogue had to be divided in not less than 5 volumes, we have looked for another way of binding.
After some searching on the internet we found "PrintenBind.nl" in Amsterdam. First we studied the glued version (which still has the automatic closing problem) but later we found the layout "Manual". With this way of binding, the Wire-O binding, one booklet can contain a maximum of 500 pages, and that for a very reasonable price. With this option each catalogue could be issued as a single volume.
Thus we went to the office of PrintenBind.nl in Amsterdam to order. Unfortunately their computer system was down at that time, but we could leave our files. In the evening I could order over the internet.
Nico picked up the books on Saturday with his new motorcycle and immediately delivered them at my house. A few weeks later the CJIB (the Dutch authority to collect fines and penalties) informed Nico that his new motorcycle is really fast, by sending a penalty of € 50 for speeding with 7km/hr too fast....
The prints were in several aspects beyond expectation and we are very pleased with the result. Each subject in its own booklet and very well usable on the desk next to the album.



In the former newsletter we offered the possibility to order the various catalogue parts, and those who chose for receiving by post have them at home in the meantime. On the club meeting we handed them over to the people who preferred that option.
There it became clear that many members overlooked the possibility to order the catalogue. We had chosen to keep just a very small stock of catalogues, because of the printing costs and the possibility to download each catalogue from the website, but the demand was large enough to arrange a second ordering with more or less the same price graduation at Print en Bind.

Thus, if you also want to get yet your printed copy of the catalogue, contact me or Nico (click here for contact data) and tell us which part(s) you want to receive. We will take them to the next club meeting or if desired send them by post. Looking at the size shipment must be as packet, thus costs will be relatively high (depending on destination).
Probably the costs for the catalogues itself will be € 10.00 for the stamp catalogue, and around € 7.00 for the other parts (depending on the price graduation).
Please order before the end of September 2016.

Hans de Kloet



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