It seems that 2 of the largest "label manufacturers" of official fantasy stamps have joined hands. Neofila, agent of several countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania (grown tall by production and sales of Russian local imprints in the 90-ies), and Stamperija (working under cover of wholesaler Bayart in Brussels, and issuer/seller of many blocks that we as MFN indicate as "footnote issues") have apparently joined hands. On their websites they offer each others issues for sale.
As such not a problem, but Stamperija has managed to get their issues included in the renowned catalogues. Therefore we can expect that stamps and blocks from Neofila will be treated the same way, and I know that this already happened for some of them.
Stamps from Tchad and Togo, and also the issues from Benin and some more of this kind of countries will probably get an official status, and in this way want to get included in our albums.
Thus be warned.

The Maldives is a group of 1190 islands, divided over 26 atolls, situated south-west of India in the Indian Ocean.
Also this state, with less than 400.000 inhabitants, has sold its rights to issue stamps. And this to Impressor, better known as Neofila, which has, as mentioned, formed some kind of co-operating agency with Stamperija. This co-operation has resulted in a series of stamps on the occasion of the celebration of 50 years independency of England, issued on July 26th 2015.
Impressor printed this series of 6 stamps with images of historic and touristic scenes. The series has been put in a three-piece folded booklet of A5 format, that has been distributed by Stamperija.
This folder shows on the inside on page 3 and on the backside an overview of various economical items. Amongst these a scooter-like moped à la the Honda Supercub.

Here the out- (top) and inside (bottom) of the folder:

The page with the moped:

Detail of the moped:


Hans de Kloet


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