Stamp strip Argentina

On May 29th 2010 Argentina issued a stamp strip containing 12 stamps, with a cartoon-like drawing. But this is not just an ordinary drawing. Together the strips form an overview of the history of Argentina from 1810.
In 2008 the minister of state José Nun asked artist Miguel Rep to make at the book fair a work of art for the celebration of 200 years Republic, 2 years later.

The drawing, that shows 200 years of history on 14 meters of wall, has been completed to be presented during the Second Argentine Congres of Culture, held in San Miguel de Tucumán, from Ocotber 16th til 19th 2008. During the drawing the public could mention relevant issues that were placed on the timeline in the work of art. Important facts have been depicted large and less important facts a bit smaller.
On the stamp strip on the occasion of 200 years Argentina we see the whole completed drawing.

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On one of the stamps we find the "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo", called so because they walked for more than 30 years 1 day per week silently around the May Square with pictures of their missing children as a silent protest. On the background the Skyline of Buenos Aires, and in front of that the highway through the city, built on poles. On this highway a motorcyclist.

The highway with motorcyclist

A bit further on the timeline the building up of the country, education and industry are visualized. Amongst this a drawing of an off-road like motorcycle. At the moment Argentina has only 2 real own motorcycle brands, Zanella and Motomel, but in the past many motorcycle manufacturers from Europe (like Vespa, Gilera, Triumph, BMW (Isetta) and Cossack) had factories over there. Now mainly the Japanese brands like Honda and Suzuki still build motorcycles there.

The stamp with the off-road motorcycle

The 2 stamps with motorcycles

The drawing and the wall are nowadays located in the library of Buenos Aires, but those interested can view it in its entirety and read the details at:

The artist busy with the highway

Hans de Kloet


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