Jersey issues Morgan stamp

This year the Jersey Old Motor Club has its 50th anniversary. To celebrate this memorable fact, Jersey Post has issued a series of stamps (July 7th) with images of various cars. Well, as I have a weak spot for 3-wheelers, on one of the stamps I found a Morgan Aero from 1929. As source of power the 1048 cc 40 hp J.A.P. V-twin "Dog-Ear" engine has been used in this model (until 1932, after that Matchless MX engines were used).

JAP "Dog-ear" engine

The weight/power ratio made that it it was easily faster than many 4-wheelers. Although having 3 wheels and a steering wheel, but powered by a motorcycle engine, I did not want to withhold you this issue.

Issued in sheets of 10 stamps

Other Morgan stamps:

Cuba (1984-11-25)

Sahara republic (1998)

Puntland (2010)

Tuvalu-Nanumaga (1984)

Red franking Great-Britain 1999


Hans de Kloet



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