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On May 23rd 2016 a Dutch stamp sheet dedicated to Ed van der Elsken has been issued.

Uitgifte PostNL Ed van der Elsken

On this stamp sheet 19 full colour pictures from this photographer, who died in 1990, have been depicted. This issue adds not less than 3 new Dutch stamps to our motor philatelic collections.
The occassion for this issue is the required restoration of the 45000 full colour dia slides from Ed van der Elsken, which have been affected by moulds. This restoration project was brought to public notice by the Dutch Photo Museum with a travelling exhibition as part of the event "The Parade", from June 23rd to August 28th 2016. First in Rotterdam, then The Hague, next Utrecht and Amsterdam. Van der Elsken was one of the most influential photographers in the Netherlands and regular photographer for the weekly magazine Avenue. Most of the used pictures come from the first colour picture book (1977) of van der Elsken: EYE LOVE YOU.

Voorkant van het boek EYE LOVE YOU

On each of 9 of the 10 stamps in the sheet 2 pictures have been combined. On the 10th stamp we see next to the picture van der Elskens most famous colour picture book: EYE LOVE YOU. The pictures are placed on a black area, which gives the impression that the stamp sheet constists of 5 photo strips. On the sheet upper margin Van der Elskens autograph and the logo of the Dutch Picture Museum.
The sheet has been designed by Stout and Kramer.
Here the 3 pictures that are relevant for us:

De "Motorzegels" in de Ed van der Elsken uitgifte

Detail uit Ed van der Elskens foto "Rokjesdag"
I have to admit that I did not recognise the first stamp as motorcycle related, but luckily we have more detectives in the club.
On the picture, called "Short Skirts Day", we see just in front of the tram the front wheel of a moped popping up. The yellow plate on the front mudguard (in the Netherlands up to 2005 mandatory to indicate that the vehicle is a moped) is just visible. Ths picture has been made by van der Elsken for the series "My Amsterdam". In 2012 Cas Wouters used the picture for the cover of the book "De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig" ("Nowadays youth").


On the second "motorcycle" stamp we see on the right picture a mother with child on a moped in Amsterdam. The picture comes from the series "Streetlife Amsterdam", shot in 1975.

Ed van der Elskens foto "Streetlife Amsterdam"

The moped is of the brand BeRiNi, a name composed from the first names of the constructors BErnard Neumann, RInus Bruynzeel en NIco Groenendijk. This model however dates from after the bankruptcy of the Pluvier factory, which built the mopeds for BERINI.

Detail van Ed van der Elskens foto "Streetlife Amsterdam"

In 1964 the Anker Kolen Maatschappij (in English: Anchor Coal Company) bought the rights of the engine, and had mopeds assembled by Gazelle. This model is known as BERINI/Gazelle M48.

On the third stamp we see a picture with a couple of sturdy young boys on half mopeds (of which some quite relevant parts are missing) who try to impress their female friends. This is the only picture which is relevant for us that has also been included in the book "Eye Love You".

Brommerfoto in het boek EYE LOVE YOU

Detail van Ed van der Elskens Brommerfoto in het boek EYE LOVE YOU

The first moped has ever been a Batavus Bilonet 50 Whippet (according to the logo on the fuel tank) but the moped on the background has no recognisable characteristics anymore. The trouble with these kids should have taken place in the provence Noord-Holland (Northern-Holland).

Technical specifications:
Stamp size: 36 x 25 mm
Perforation: 14 ½ : 14 ½
Paper: normal with phosphorescent imprint
Gum: synthetic
Printing technique: offset
Edition: 167000 sheetlets
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, Frankrijk

We are lucky with the FDC. Although the NVPH (Dutch Association of Stamp Traders) divides the stamps for FDC's nowadays over 2 envelops, all "our" stamps are on the same envelop with number 732.

FDC PostNL uitgifte Ed van der Elsken

Hans de Kloet


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