Veteran Posten
Our Danish club member Yellow Hansen brought me a Postage Paid envelop of the Veteran Posten from his country, with for postage an imprinted stamp with several vehicles, amongst which a motorcycle with sidecar. I can't distinguish brand and type, but it is for sure not a Nimbus.

The block below shows that it is not always easy to determine whether something belongs to our theme or not. Again an issue from a foot-note country with our friend Elvis depicted on it.

In the block margin mister Elvis drives a Messerschmidt KR 200. This Kabinen Roller (let's call it a closed scooter) may be driven with driving license A, has a kind of airplane handlebars (in the end Messerschmidt was an airplane constructor) and has 3 wheels. Later Messerschmidt also built 4-wheelers, but this 3-wheeler could fit without problems in my motorcycle collection. Understandable that some of you don't see it this way.
When you want to have it in your collection, you can order this block at our club stamp trader, the Wassenaarse en Voorschotense Postzegelhandel.

Exclamation mark
When you also collect postal stationary there is a good chance that you have the item below in your collection. But what is the meaning of this circle with the exclamation mark?

Nico knew the answer, and in the end it is also on the envelop. If you have your driving license less than one year, you must have the round yellow plate with exclamation on the back of your vehicle in Rumenia. Just to know it!


Despite the fact that Michel nowadays includes the most arguable stamps in its catalogs, it still stays one of the most consulted philatelic books. But now Michel has finally entered the digital world and issues its books on USB sticks.

By the way a tip for the computer users amongst us: at Stampworld (www.stampworld.com) you can find a free to use world catalog. Not so much to find prices, but as search possibility for stamps and many other philatelic items a good alternative for the paper catalogs.

May it be a COIN more?
A carton advertisement coin from the Isle of Man, a replica of the 50 Pence Famous Riders coin from 2015, provided with the signature of more than 70 racing motor-cyclists and important persons at the I.o.M. TT-races, has brought up the nice amount of 1.001,- GB£.

The thing, here shown by John Mc Guinness, measures 3 feet (91 cm) in diameter. Off course the yield is for charity: the TT Marshalls club and the Club of TT-riders.

Yamaha Raptor

Nelson Sanabria,

On the sheet of Paraguay from June 27th 2016 already called ambassador of the tourism to Paraguay, proved his title of honour also in the 2017 Dakar. He finished on his Yamaha on a neat 8th position in the Quad classification. It was the 4th time that he participated in the Dakar rally.
On the stamp he is standing next to his quad from the 2016 rally, a Yamaha Raptor 700 RR with which he finished as 7th.

Nelson Sanabria

On the right of the label we see the 3 medals to be won in the Dakar class: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The motorcycle behind the quad is the KTM 450 Rally (#73) of the Urugayan Laurent Lazard.
On the ambassadors sheet (see below) we further see directly underneath Nelson the world famous pianist Chiara d'Odorico, right below the middle the artist Koki Ruiz, who gained world fame with an altar built from corncobs for the mass of Pope Fransis in 2015, and below that the famous tenor José Mongelós, interpreter of Gastone in Verdi's La Traviata.

Velletje Paraguay Toerisme


Hans de Kloet


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