On the last club meeting the chairman introduced a new phenomenon:

The MFN lottery

For the little amount of just 1 euro each lottery-tickets could be bought which gave chance two win nice prizes. Also on the next club meetings we want to hold the lottery. For each lottery around 10 prizes with a total value around € 50,- will be on stake.
These prizes can be won on the club meetings, and each winner may search his own prize from the remaining prize offers.
For the first lottery 74 tickets were sold, which makes that the stake is already half filled. A possible later remainder will be put in the club cash.

In the prizes envelop for the next meeting we already have a few nice stamps and other items. Like the unit-stamp from Taiwan with imprint from 1949, an Epreuve-de-luxe of the Burundi issue 1974 on the occasion of 100 years of U.P.U., a coin letter from Germany/Isle of Man (very special), a Portugese collectors sheet with the Erasmus scooter issue (2012), and a very hard to get FDC from Ecuador (2012) of which only a small number has been made, and the Taiwan sheet as described somewhere else in this newsletter.

Thus some very nice items. So come to make your gamble and buy your tickets from the chairman.


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