The MFN Classified Ads website

The MFN classified ads site is already running for some time, and several motorcycle stamps and postal stationary have changed owner through this platform. In the past year nice items have been offered regularly.
At the moment of writing almost 140 stamps, blocks, FDC's and postmarks are offered.

I myself advertise around 10 items per week. What has not been sold or exchanged is replaced after a while by other items.
As price guideline I use the prices as noted in the often used online catalogue of Stampworld, and for MFN members I use around 40% of this.
The prices as used by Stampworld are averages realized through their selling page, thus really correct for us as small traders.

By the way, this stamp website has more to offer than the online world catalogue. You can also find the philatelic services of all countries, several discussion groups and info about new issues.
Thus if you are an internet used, have a look and/or offer something for sale, exchange or for nothing at


Hans de Kloet


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