Search for the differences - Answers

And….? Did you find the differences? Off course the plate number is easy to see, but that is not what I meant.
Some differences are immediately clear. Like the PTT-Post logo that is put in different positions and the different cutting of the sheet.
We motorcycle philatelists are off course immediately looking to the Canadian captain W. L. Roberts on the 1944 Norton 490cc Model 16H Military with the 3 girls at the back. Not allowed!!

The original picture

Norton 16H Military

But the most important difference is in the stamp above our favourite: the Delta works stamp. On some of the sheets that are put in circulation a different picture has been used for this.
Instead of the normally used picture of the Maeslant flood barrier an image of the barrier at Hagestein has been used. Also a water works, but not a Delta work. The same kind of barrier is also standing in Driel and Amerongen. Almost immediately the error was recognised and corrected.

Here the normal version:

The Maeslant flood barrier

And here the "wrong" version:

The barrier at Hagestein

Despite this the "wrong" sheets have been sold on multiple places. So look quickly which version you have in your collection. At a big auctioneering firm a "wrong" sheet has recently been auctioned for € 2200,-!

Hans de Kloet


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