The MFN in the Associations Library

Since the turn of the century we send our newsletter not only to all MFN members, but also to the Associations Library. This library, part of the Royal Dutch Philatelists Association (KNBF), contains various books and magazines about stamps. On the bookshelf are the latest editions of various international magazines, and thus also our club's newsletter.

Impression of the Associations Library

Halfway 2016 I received the question from one of the employees whether it would be possible to supply the missing volumes, to make that the whole series could be put neatly bound in the library. Several people reacted on the call in the newsletter. Willingly old newsletter were supplied to completes the library's collection.
End of the year everything was complete and sent to the bookbinder. Now the newsletter are standing nicely in the library. For all who have contributed here a few pictures of the final result.

Remarks for the bookbinder (left) and the final result (right)

All MFN newsletter neatly bound on a row

We may be proud that our writings can now be consulted by everyone.
Many thanks to all, and if you are one day in the neighbourhood of the Associations Library (Hoofdstraat 1, 3741 AC Baarn), don't hesitate and step inside to have a look.


Nico Helling



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