Luxembourg - Liechtenstein HD ride

In the semi-official novelties the Harley-Davidson stamp from Luxembourg is announced. Off course the stamp itself is already a nice-to-have item, but there is more to tell about this stamp.
On last May 6th a special ride of two HD clubs took place. The Harley Club Lëtzebuerg and the Harley-Davidson Club Fürstentum Liechtenstein acted as postman. On this rainy day 2 groups of postally sworn Harley riders started from Luxembourg (city) and Vaduz (capital of Liechtenstein) with postal articles in each others direction. Almost midways, in the city Riquewihr (Alsace, France), the cubs met each other and the post taken from their home countries was exchanged.

The participants gathered in Riquewihr

Postal articles from Luxembourg were stamped with the specially issued semi-official "Die Marke" personalized stamp (see novelties), and in Vaduz cancelled with an arrival postmark. The other way around happened with the post that was offered in Liechtenstein, with the difference that the used personalized stamps from Liechtenstein don't have the semi-official status and thus are not for sale at the Liechtenstein Post. Only the departure postmark put on the stamps is official.

The envelop from Liechtenstein

The personalized stamps with official postmark

How many postal articles have been transported and exchanged has not been anounced, but at least 500 special envelops have been sent from Vaduz to the Luxembourg Post.
Specially for the ride logos have been designed: Liechtenstein put on the fabricated envelops a flag button of each country in an image with pistons and wings, a remembrance logo and the special official postmark of the ride. On May 8th the postal articles have been provided in Luxembourg with an arrival postmark on the backside.

Harley-Davidson is an expensive brand, and for this envelop 12 Swiss Francs must be paid. And the shipment costs must be added to this.....

The Luxembourg club has also used a logo and the Letzembourger Post has taken over most of this design. The logo made by the club shows a Harley-Davidson 1200 cc FL 1946 Panhead motorcycle. This model is also found back on the stamp, in the logo, in the postmark and on the maximum card.

The logo of the HD-club Luxembourg (left) and the postmark of the Luxembourg Post (right)

The maximum card has not been transported by motorcyle and can, just like the semi-personalized stamp, still be ordered at the Luxembourg Post.


Hans de Kloet



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