have originated from the copying of comics, which in have been put on the internet, just animated stories thus. Since 2003 these cartoons are especially in South Korea very popular, so popular that the South Korean Post dedicated a sheet of stamps to them last February, with a nice stamp for our collection.
On the self-adhesive sheet we find 3 series of 4 stamps and in the sheet margin self-portraits of the 4 cartoonists.

From right to left first the webtoon of Cho Seok, "Sound of your heart". In this webtoon the problems of youth are discussed. Then the cartoon "Incomplete life" from Yoon Taheo. Next to our motorcycle stamp Yu Homin's "With God", a mythology-cartoon about the Korean gods.
On the utmost left then our motorcycle stamp, after a cartoon from Kang Full (real name Kang Do-Young), "I love you". This cartoon is regarded to be the father of all webcartoons. It is about a gruff milkman who lost his wife too early, and brings his milk bottles around on a moped. He sometimes helps a woman who lives from the recycling of thrown away paper. When this woman on a certain day has to watch after the senile wife of her neighbour, that lady walks away. The milkman finds her back and brings here home on the back of his milk-moped (the scene on the stamp). Finally the paper woman and the milkman fall in love and live on together.

This cartoon is so popular that later a film has been made about it and after that even a television series. The movie came out under the name "I love you", the leading roles are played by famous Korean actors. The milkman (Kim Man Suk) by Lee Soon Jae and the paperwoman (Song Yi Bun) by Jun Young Sook. In the movie several short lovestories are mixep up.

Film poster "I love you"

The TV-series is broadcasted under the name "Late blossom".
In total 40.000 sheets (120.000 of each stamp) have been made.


Hans de Kloet



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