It happens now and then. You have been talking about a subject or, as in this case, have done some research, and afterwards you get more information about it.
In the last Newsletter (# 48) I wrote an article about a FDC cover with an image of an Ellehammer motorcycle on it.

This spring I went, together with Nico and another motorcycle friend, to Denmark, to get some parts for the Nimbus that I am restoring. Off course we made a short visit to the greatest motorcycle collector that I know, Little Carl.


Here also we talked about the FDC, and after some searching in his collection he showed a series of the cover in question, in all colours of the rainbow (so 7). From an other place he got a printing plate with the photograph where, without doubt, the image on the FDC must have been copied from. At last, that was what I thought then. Home again, I received the Nimbus club magazine and, while glancing through (because directly reading is a hard job for me in Danish), I found an article about the Elleham, accompanied by an advertisement with, off course, almost the same image as on the FDC (see at the left).

Sales and export were done by mercantile house Mundus, which also sold its own motorcycle as you can see in this advertisement:

It certainly is the same motorcycle. And I certainly think that the photograph above must have been the model for the FDC.


Hans de Kloet.
(translation Paul Essens)


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