2-valvers with teeth

Never knew that a BMW can show you his teeth, read further and you will understand why! Although, looking at his age, an R32 does not fit in the club '69-'96, it is still the ancestor of all boxers that BMW has ever made. Therefore an image on a stamp from Ghana, issued in 1985.

Ghana - BMW R32

Austria - BMW R50/5

In 1974 Austria issued a stamp with an image of an R50/5, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Gendarmerie. It is no secret that BMW motorcycles are often used by police forces - all over the world.

For example in Sierra Leone, that  issued a stamp in 1981 because it was independent for 20 years, and a republic for 10 years. The R 2-valver has probably been adapted to fit the demands of this country. Unfortunately it is impossible to see exactly which type it concerns.

Sierra Leone - BMW boxer (bad copy)

Taiwan - BMW R100RT or R80RT

More clear is the stamp from Taiwan, issued in 1988, on the occasion of the day of the police. Here you can easily recognise an R100RT. Or is it an R80RT?

Different is the stamp of Guernsey from 1980. Depicted is an R that escorts a large transport. Completely in style the English have equipped this motorcycle with an Avon fairing. As a consequence of this it is not possible to see the exact type.

Guernsey - BMW R with Avon fairing

Niger - BMW R90/S

There are countries that unexpectedly issue stamps with motorcycles. Especially in the way they are depicted by Niger and Mali. Both stamps issued in 1976 show (by coincidence) an R90. From Niger it can be confirmed that it really is an R90/S.

On the other hand, the stamp from Mali shows a BMW with a fairing of unknown origin. However, it looks familiar to me. A Gläser ? Or not.

Mali - BMW R90 with non-original fairing

Roemenia - BMW escorting motorcycle

We can also find some standard motorcycles in our collection. One of them is issued by Rumania in 1986. Here we see a BMW driver who escorts the cyclists in the Round of Rumania. Also here it is not clear which exact type it is.

Slightly better recognisable regarding the type are the following 2 stamps. On the stamp from Nicaragua an R45 or R65 is depicted.

Nicaracua - BMW R45 or R65

Paraguay - BMW R65 with RT fairing

An R65 with RT fairing is put on the stamp of Paraguay. Unfortunately the details have been lost on the black and white copies, the images on the stamps are more clear  (note: this only holds for the printed newsletter).

Finally a miniature-sheet of Grenada Grenadines. The stamp shows without doubt an R100RS. Not shown here but also an R100RS can be found on a stamp of Antigua & Barbuda, and one with the imprinting Barbuda.

Grenada & Grenadines - BMW R100RS

This is for the moment my contribution regarding the 69 - 96 types. Off course I own a 2-valver, namely an R100R Mystic of 1995. A conscious choice, ordered straight from the folder, in the last year that 2-valvers were supplied. I will never sell this one. Before I have had an R100GS, both types ('93 en '91), an R80ST (grey), an R100RT (dark green), an R90/6 (green) and an R75/6 (red). Who I am? My name is Jan Termaaten, 53 years young with a grey beard, and chairman of the M.F.N. (Motor Filatelisten Nederland). Don't you know what a philatelist is? That is someone (male/female) who collects stamps. Off course the undersigned is member of '69-'96.

Lets conclude this article with a stamp from Guatemala, a row of police motorcycles set up on the occasion of the re-election of president Ubico, issued in 1931. The stamp is too small to see

whether it concerns BMW motorcycles. But this, and all other stamps, are depicted in their actual size (internet version: at resolution 600 x 800).

Guatemala - row of police motorcycles (black/white copy)

Jan Termaaten
(translation: Paul Essens)


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