Maasland imprinted

From Uden we received the announcement that the stamps of Maasland Post, that have been issued on the occasion of our 5th MFN anniversary on August 23rd 1992, also exist with an imprint with another value.

The reason of the imprint.
At the first lustre of the MFN we thought it would be nice to bring about an issue of Dutch stamps. Off course it did not make sense to ask the PTT (Dutch Post service) for that, so we had to go to a local post service. It was Maasland Post.
A few designs were selected, and the stamps were printed. Mister Horn, at that time the owner of Maasland post, had the idea to cash in on this and issued the 4 values, each with 5 different images, in 7 colours in both small and large sheets. A pure pursuit of gain. It took a lot of money to get the complete set. So far the original issue.
Off course mr. Horn had a lot of stamps left because the issue had lost his appeal for many MFN members. The normal fee of his post service for the delivery of Christmas cards was at that time 45 cents. He let many of the stamps that he had still in stock, and thus also a lot of MFN stamps, imprint with this value. All stamps from the MFN issue, so 7 colours in 4 different values, have been imprinted with 45 cents. This imprint was done in 2 different colours, red on the perforated sheets and black on the non-perforated sheets. All together ridiculously much varieties.

example of an imprinted Maasland / MFN stamp

I myself only keep a few specimens in my archive, because for me this issue is not worth collecting anymore. These stamps only have a collectors value when they are evidently used, so when the stamp is still on a delivered postal item.

The commercial value of the stamps.
Unused local post service stamps represent the value that is printed on them. For most of the issues this is thus also the commercial value. Especially of the MFN motorcycle stamps there is no shortage, thus for buying I should stick to the prices that are printed on them. Used stamps on the postal item are much more rare, so this gives room for other values. These imprints are not yet listed in the MFN catalogue, but perhaps they will be incorporated in a future supplement.


Hans de Kloet.
(Translation Paul Essens)


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