Sometimes I make notice of non-motorcycle philatelics, but most times they can still be related to our hobby. Now something I just like.
San Marino has made a stereo viewer for use with stamps. Three different sets of stamps can be put in the viewer to make a three-dimensional picture. This effect is realized by using two stamps with slightly shifted images. A nice item and I am wondering whether also MC-stamps can be expected in this way.

Stereoscope for San Marino stamps
The stereoscope

Strip with 3D-stamps of San Marino
Example of a 3D stamp strip with instructions

3D stamp strip San Marino with image of interior Palazzo Pubblico
3D stamp strip San Marino with image of statue on Basilica del Santo
3D stamp strip San Marino with image of statue of liberty
The 3 strips with each 2 slightly differing images for 3D effect. Find the differences....

Postman with helmet on stamp ThailandFrom Thailand we know the scooter-riding postman from last years issue. The same figure can be found in other ways of post deliverance and even as walking postman with helmet. The postal service also issues special sheets with attachments next to the stamps.

We already found three different ones. The upper sheet shows a promotional sheet for Kalasin City, in the attachment fields scenes from the city. In the margin again views from the surroundings.
The next sheet is also from Kalasin City and shows in the margin the famous embroideries from this area.
What Kalasin can do, we can do better, people in Samut Songkhram City thought and they made the lower sheet. This city is situated in the Gulf of Bangkok and has many waterways with hundreds of little boats as we can see in that margin. On the attached stamps we see many scenes from this city.

Promotion stamp sheet Kalasin City - Thailand

Promotion stamp sheet showing embroidery from Kalasin City - Thailand

Promotion stamp sheet Samut Songkhram City - Thailand

Somebody asked me how the complete sheet of Belgium with the Kennedy arcade stamp looks like. See the picture:

Stamp sheet Belgium with ao. Kennedy "Motorcade"

Then a small warning. On several auction sites “proofs” from different countries are offered. With the digital stamps coming up and using our ignorance, sellers try to make profit by selling worthless test prints of these digi stamps. These test prints can be obtained for free on internet.
As an example hereby the French prints on envelops that anybody can make by himself in every desired value. At the site “Mon Timbre en Ligne” you can make these test prints with different pictures, also a motorcycle, on personalized covers.
The standard print is 0,00 Euro and that one is without specimen overprint, but depending on the destination many tariffs are possible. A test print gets a red bar with the text "specimen". On earlier prints the specimen bar was over the QR code as described elsewhere in this magazine.

Take care in buying this kind of stuff, only aimed to get your money.

Example of French 'Personalized Stamps'
Example of French 'Personalized Stamps'
Example of French 'Personalized Stamps'

Neander Turbo Diesel motorcycleAs I am in the first place a motorcycle enthusiast, I can not resist to show you this elephant. A 1340 cc heavy Turbo Diesel powerbike, available in different power versions, manufactured in Kiel, Germany. The brand name is Neander. It costs roughly 93000 euro, but compensates this by using only 4 liters of diesel fuel for each 100 km.

Hans de Kloet


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