Postal stationery overview 2010

Late 2007 the overview of Postal Stationeries came out in its first edition. In this overview all known stationeries with pictures of motorcycles were gathered, classified by country and year. Only the French PAP’s and the Chinese advertisement cards are not in this overview.  This issue has been made by photocopier and not all picture are of good quality. On the other hand the price was low.
After this first issue many items have been added with help of the MFN members. Over 80 new findings have been added and many pictures have been replaced by better ones.
I plan to make a new overview of Postal Stationeries during the winter. To increase the quality of the overview I plan to change from copying to printing. This will make the overview somewhat more expensive. I expect the price will be between five and seven euro, but the pictures will be in much better quality.
From the last issue forty booklets were prepared and thirty have been sold for cost price. To prevent a stock of unsold copies of the new edition I first want to make an inventory of the amount I have to produce. After the inventory I will produce the overview, and everybody who is interested will receive its booklet in the beginning of 2010.

If you are also interested in this new issue and want to receive a specimen, please let me know. You can do that by sending me a letter or an e-mail.

Nico Helling


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