Again a little bit of Tour

Although we thought we knew all issues of the 2003 omnibus on the Tour de France, the secretary found two more sheets with motorcycle riders on them. Two issues with the same pictures, but each others mirror image, on sheets of Grenada Cariacou & Petite Martinique and Tuvalu, showing the decennium 1960-1970.
On the stamps themselves no motorcycle can be found, although we first thought that the caps of cyclists on the 1960 stamp could be helmets. In the margin of the sheet we see Jaques Anquetil on several pictures. On the picture where he wears the yellow tricot a few persons are seen on the left next to the cyclist that are definitely motorcyclists.

Tour de France stamp sheet Tuvalu

Tour de France stamp sheet Grenada Cariacou & Petite Martinique

In cases like this I enter the internet. By Googling on Anquetil, after a few pages I found the picture used for the sheet. They look to me like two cops (at least the passenger) on a BMW accompanying the riders. All in the years that there was no helmet obligation.

Picture of Jacques Anquetil used for the stamp sheet
On the real picture the motorcycle on the left is very clear

Okay, again a hard to find motorcycle but…..

On the sheet of Tuvalu there is also a designers error. The texts above the stamps are those for the earlier decade 1950-1960, while the pictures are all from the following decade.

Hans de Kloet


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