Soaking tip for Spanish ATM's

Everybody knows it: you receive an envelop with a used motorcycle stamp on it, but the envelop itself is not worth to keep it. The solution was always simple: just remove the stamp from the envelop by soaking. Over the last years however, more and more self-adhesive stamps (stickers) are issued, and sometimes these require a special approach.
This holds especially for the Spanish ATM’s:

Example of al Spanish ATM

They are printed on thermal paper, which releases ink after heating to "print" the stamp value on it. When you try to soak these with steam, they will completely turn black, so don’t do this.
Also soaking in benzine (petroleum destillate) does not seem to be a good solution, giving a good chance that your complete stamp album will smell of it. The best solution seems to be to soak them in hand warm water.


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