MFN with Triumph and BMW on fair

Just like many other clubs, MFN had the opportunity to promote our hobby to other philatelists on the Postex 2010 fair in Apeldoorn. The Postex offered this opportunity for free, and it must be said that we had a first-class week end. A good lunch was provided and we had a very good place in the hall: directly next to the stairs, so everybody who went up saw our booth.
To draw a bigger public we wanted to put a few motorcycles in our booth. Always good for a chat, a nice motorbike. Nico offered directly to show his as-good-as-brand-new Triumph, but we did not get much other offers. My Nimbus is still stored in crates, and other motorcycles were a bit difficult to get in Apeldoorn on time.
Some calling around by our secretary lead with help of our ex-chairman Herman to a contact with Bert Duursma from BERRT (Simako). He arranged a brand-new BMW F800 to put next to our booth, which was delivered early in the morning in the hall. A good-looking motorcycle in a beautiful blue-white colour combination. Nice bike.

BMW F800 Chris Pfeifer replica

During the day the motorcycles drew a lot of attention, but the admiration and surprise came just the next day, when our editor came to have a look and recognised the BMW as the motorcycle of World Champion stunt-riding Chris Pfeiffer. Okay, a replica, but still. In the evening we browsed the internet and there we saw Chris in action. Most remarkable we found the film made on the roof of the BMW building. Very nice to look by yourself on:

Autograph of Chris Pfeifer on BMW F800 CP Replica
Autograph of Chris Pfeifer on the tank

During the rest of the fair there was a lot of talking about the BMW and that made it, next to the Triumph off course, a welcome attention-grabber from BERRT.

Chris Pfeifer in action on BMW F800
Chris Pfeifer in action....

A little later Paul mailed me a new discovery. On an issue from Benin, albeit an un-official Cinderella issue, Chris Pfeiffer is depicted on a stamp. Very nice off course. The issue from Benin, a block with racing motorcycles in the margin and the stunt rider on the stamp, is dated June 28th 2007.

Block Benin with Chris Pfeifer on the stamp

Hans de Kloet


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