Dr. Paul Froitzheim; I dare to bet for a few euros that you have never heard of him.
Despite this, this gentleman had almost delivered us a nice item for our collection. Froitzheim was a famous designer and for the International Traffic Exhibition in 1965 in Munich (Germany) he designed a series of stamps. Unfortunately the shown stamp design, carrying an image of one of his own designs, has never been converted into a real stamp.
The prof's design shows a roofed 2-wheeled vehicle with 2 extra wheels, placed almost next to the rear wheel, that come down at low speed. However, this design has never been taken into production.

Stamp design by Paul Froitzheim

The depicted design has been sold by auction by Roidl.

On an Amercian site with motorcycle T-shirts I found this T-shirt and I thought: "I know this image somehow?"

T-shirt of Going Postal

Going Postal T-shirts aims at the philatelist and uses amongst others stamp images to print on their T-shirts. You can even order the stamp you desire yourself. Funny, isn't it?

Stamp Israel
The original image on the stamp from Israel (1966)

Are there any Ducati fans in the club?? Here for them a new 1$ coin from Palau, showing Ducati racing driver Troy Bayliss on a 2009 machine. The coin is delivered in a protecting sleeve and box.

Coins from Palau with Ducati

In one of the last newsletters there was a call for a stamp with a Chang Jiang depicted on it. By coincidence I found such a stamp in a Taiwanese auction. In the Chinese year Yi-Mao 52 (1975) at 02-20 (as can be read in the Yang catalogue) a series of stamps should have been issued with images of Chei Mang carpets, painted bamboo fibre cloths, which glorify the Chinese army. On the carpet is a column of motorcycles with sidecar, and this must almost for sure be Chang Jiang motorcycles.

Stamp Taiwan with Chang Jiang army motorcycle

Unfortunately the stamps have never been issued, at least I can not find any announcement of it. By the way the price already indicates that this must be something special. The series has been sold for TW$ 132,000, around 3200 euros.

When you receive a letter from India, it is worth to have a look at the backside of the envelop. There a data slip is attached with possibly an announcing text printed on it.
In India you can submit a text in every post office, to be used on this kind of slips. When approved by the postmaster, your text will be used during 1 day, at 1 counter. Off course most of the slogans have a social and warning character. The one depicted here has a warning text for us motorcycle-lovers:

Text slip India

Hans de Kloet


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