Does it come, or is it coming at last??

The MFN catalogue of motorcycle stamps has not been updated for several years. Off course the website gives a more than complete overview of all motorcycle stamps known by us, but to take a computer to a stamp fair or a meeting is a bit too complicated for most of us.
Now we are finally making plans for a new issue, this time an overview of all stamps known by us that can be used in a special way.

First a short overview of the history: First there were a few foreign overviews that have been put together and adapted by Eric to form the first MFN motorcycle catalogue, also known as the Mulder catalogue. As composer of the auctions the undersigned maintained a pricelist with all known prices from the various stamp catalogues. The catalogue in A4 format became too thick, and we decided to join the catalogue and the price list. They have been issued per continent after the appearance of the corresponding Michel catalogue, which is leading for us.
For a long time these catalogues worked very well, but times change and also the use of internet increased. Of many newly issued stamps it was questionable whether they should be included or not. Many stamps that were clearly cinderella's in our eyes now turn out to be included in the official catalogues and thereby are worth collecting. Prices are substantially adapted up- or downwards by Michel, and the changes are almost too many to keep up with. Thus: time for a new set up of the catalogue.

Nico's catalogue of postal stationary

Than Nico came with this catalogue of postal stationary. Now we are thinking of using his principle, only mention the existence of an item, also for the stamp catalogue. Further we get more and more requests to make pages per country on A4 format, that can be used as basis for a stamp album. A short survey under users of the old catalogues learns that most of them only use them to keep notes about which items they already have in their collection and which not. The list prices only play a very minor role, but the numbers from the various offical stamp catalogues are seen as useful.
Together with our web engineer Madelèn we have deliberated how these wishes can be incorporated in the website, and whether we still have enough space there, fortunately with a positive answer.
In the meantime Michel also has abandonded the division in continents on his website, and now places all countries in alphabetical order on the site.
Putting all facts together we decided to give a complete makeover to the MFN catalogue. The catalogue will list the countries by alphabet, and not give the list prices. The pages as included in the catalogue can be downloaded (A4 format in Word) from the website to use for an album. This makes it possible for internet users to adapt and use the pages to their own preferences. Those who don't use internet can order the pages or catalogue for cost-price (paper and printing price plus shipment).

But then a house crossed my way that severely turned over all my good intentions. One postponement followed the other. A lot of different things made that I did not find the time to elaborate all the plans. But... I promsie that postponement will not change into cancellation.
In due time my life is getting back to normal and the urge to start with making the catalogue/album pages is growing. Don't expect that all will be ready and available tomorrow but.... it is in execution!

I will keep you posted.

Hans de Kloet


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