This article is a modified version of the article that has been published (in Dutch) in MFN newsletter 97. In the original article names of involved people and companies had been used in a way that, according to one of the involved people, is not correct and libelous. Although not mentioned to be so, we still decided to modify the article.


Never heard of??? Strange, as it regularly issues thematic 'philatelic' items. And amongst them also items regarding our theme. Amongst others sheets (5 pieces) each containing six stamps with antique motorcycles, and not less than 21 different postcards with images of a Velocette, Excelsior Manxman, Ariel Red Hunter, Rudge Special 500 cc, AJS 7R, Douglas twin, Francis Barnett Merlin, Sunbeam S7, Vincent Rapide, BSA Goldstar, Norton Dominator, Ariel Square Four, BSA C15, Triumph Speed Twin, Matchless G50, Triumph Tiger Cub, Honda Hornet, Ducati Monster S2R, Triumph Bonneville, Indian chief and the Triumph Trohpy shown here:

Postcard with Triumph Trophy, issued by Chartonia

But these all are cinderella issues. Thus..... FAKE! This is recognised by the makers, and therefore these items are offered accompanied with a remark like "fantasy".
By the way, Chartonia is not an existing part of some country or so, but nothing more than the Greek word for carton. This makes clear that these items will never get an official status, like sometimes happens with other doubtful issues from in itself existing countries.

If you are still interested in a postcard like the one above, look at Just that you know it.

Hans de Kloet


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