USA stamp with Pope motorcycle

On October 10th 1983 the USA issued the well-known stamp with an image of a Pope motorcycle (MFN catalogue number 10). This stamp is the 12th in a long running series of 59 stamps, with the theme transport. The stamps have been issued over the period from May 1981 until June 1995. They have been printed in rolls of 500 and 3000 pieces, and are therefore only perforated on the sides.

Stamp USA with Pope model L - 1913

Recently I received the following information sheet that gives more information about the motorcycle depicted on the stamp:

Information sheet about the USA motorcycle stamp

It is a Pope Model L from 1913. This model has been built from 1911 until 1918. For the image on the stamp the Pope from the collection of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington has acted as model. This motorcycle has been bought in 1913 for 250 dollar by John R. Beattie from New Haven, Connecticut. He has driven it for 8 years and after that stored the motorcycle. In 1964 the machine has been donated to the Smithsonian.
In the Netherlands there is at least 1 specimen of this beautiful motorcycle, built in 1916. This motorcycle is still regularly used, as can be seen from this picture that has been made during the Horsepowerrun 2011:

Dutch Pope model L

Specail thanks to Henk Janse


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