One day it suddenly fell on the door-mat: a card with a stamp and an illustration:

Envelope Poststampcrossing

Immediately I recognise "Little Brother", the giant's child Hagrid (actor Robbie Coltrane) from the Harry Potter movies.

"Little Brother" Hagrid from Harry Potter

So this concerns a Peronalised Stamp with Harry Potter in a Sidecar, or short the PS-HPS:

PS-HPS or Personalised Stamp with Harry Potter in a Sidecar

On the back I read the text "Poststampcrossing projects". What may that then be? I already heard about the new Postcrossing, sending each other postcards just for fun, but this appeared to be something completely new. It apprears to be sending each other nice and/or special stamps, in this case also provided with a pretty image on the card.

And still I want to know more about it. So first I Pottered in Google and yes, the image is found very quickly. Hagrid and HP are chased by Voldemort. They escape in a flying sidecar combination through tunnels and make a hard landing in the swamp.
The motorycle, or more correct motorcycles (in total 7 combinations have been used), is a Royal Enfield Bullet with Watsonian Wizard sidecar.

Royal Enfield with Watsonian Wizard sidecar

The Royal Enfield combinations were offered to the filmmakers by the importer as an advertisement for the brand. One combination was sacrificed for the landing in the swamp, two combinations were made as light as possible for the flying scenes, another one was welded to a vertical pole to shoot the "upside down" scenes and 2 others had been used on various locations (in the studio and on the street). The last one was a spare. The motorcycles had been converted in the retro-style of the Triumph that was used in the first Harry Potter movie.

So, Poststampcrossing. I am curious what the next movie stamp will be, and which image of Tin Tin we will see on it. I am going to join in.

Hans de Kloet

Tin Tin on a motorcycle


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