Application form Dutch Motor Philatelists (MFN)

You can directly subscribe to the MFN by filling in the following application form. If you first want to get more information, please contact the chairman or the secretary.

To subscribe you must agree with the MFN privacy policy because of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (in the Netherlands: AVG), by clicking the "yes" button in the table below. For questions or remarks regarding this policy please contact the secretary.

(* = obligatory item)

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(n.b. with the choice "no" subscription is not possible)


The subscription fee is from 1-1-2023 23,50 euro per calendar year for members in the Netherlands, and 27,50 euro for abroad (because of the higher shipment costs).
In case of subscription during the year, the fee is calculated for the current quarter and the remaining quarters. When the newsletter of the current quarter has already been published, it will be sent to you.
In case of subscription in the last quarter, the fee for the next year will already be included.


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