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Why logging on?
Several MFN members spend a lot of their spare time to gather information on new issues of motorcycle related philatelitic items, and to make the matching catalogues. They are pleased to share this information with other collectors. To present this information as good (in colour!) and quick as possible they use (amongst others) this website.
Because the related costs are paid from the MFN budget, it is important that the club has sufficient members. For this reason it has been decided to supply this valuable information to members only. This holds for the information on new issues and the online catalogue. All other information is also available for non-members.
If you are member, you have to log on to get full access to the complete site.

Note: for the password is distinguished between upper- and lowercase!

If you have a problem with logging on, please contact the webmaster.

If you want to change your password, click this link, first log in

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