200 years Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia, celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, recently delivered a free postal stationery to every Malaysian household, an aerogram that could be sent free of charge. The delivery was on World Post Day (October 9, 2021).

This gesture, in the context of the campaign "Respect for the past and connect our future", is meant to get every Malaysian writing letters to family, friends or loved ones using this free letter. The name of the aerogram is "Mel Rakyat" (Letter of the People).

In total, six million of these prepaid aeros were sent to households. The aerograms are of the type issued earlier in 2020, but with extra imprint.

The 2020 version of the aerogram

The text on the front wishes everyone a happy World Post Day 2021, and on the back Pos Malaysia tells about its anniversary and thanks all its customers throughout these 2 centuries.

Text on the front side

Text on the back side

The illustration, which we already know from the two 3 Ringgit blocks from 2018 (also World Postal Day) and 2019 (issued on the occasion of the Four Nation Stamp Exhibition), shows people waiting for the postmen, riding both a bicycle and a moped/motorcycle, to deliver the mail. So it fits in with our theme.

The 2018 issue on the occasion of World Post Day

The 2019 issue on the occasion of the Four Nations Stamp Exhibition

Hans de Kloet



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