New rules for exposition of Personalized Stamps

The Royal Dutch Association of Philatelist Clubs (KBNF) announced in the monthly "Filatelie" Magazine from July/August 2009 that it has decided to broaden the use of PERSONALIZED STAMPS in exhibits. This will be further elaborated in a guideline for the judgement of exhibits.

I have tried to elucidate these rules with some examples. The rules are aimed on the use of Personalized Stamps in a competitive exhibit, and surely not on what you have in your collection at home. During the Postex 2009 a club has been started for collectors of Personalized Stamps.

New is that Personalized stamps that have been issued after the first (Dutch) issue in 2003, and have been generally available, or at least could be ordered through the Philatelic Service, may be included in exhibits.

TNT stamp years 50-60-70 - Solex
Years 50-60-70
2008 Solex '50

TNT stamp years 50-60-70 - Puch
Years 50-60-70
2008 Puch '60

Stamp Austrian Post - Postbüchel 1908
Hist. Postfahrzeuge
2007 Postbüchel 1908

New is that all Personalized December (Christmas) stamps that have been issued by TNT Post may be included.

Further it is new that Personalized Stamps that have been included in so-called "Prestige Booklets" can be used in exhibits, both the complete booklet or the stamp only.

Stamp Austrian Post - fire fighters motorcycle

Prestige booklet Austrian post on fire fighters vehicles

Austria 2006 - Feuerwehr stamps and frontpage of booklet


Stamp TNT - André van Duin as pizza delivery boy

Stamp TNT - André van Duin as Willempie

Prestige booklet TNT - André van Duin

Netherlands 2008 - stamps and frontpage of booklet

New is also that Personalized Stamps that have been issued on the initiative of e.g. philatelists clubs are permitted, albeit maximum 2 in a frame and with a clear mention that it is a Personalized Stamp that has been issued by this organization (with, if possible, the date of issue and number of the edition).

Personalized Stamp Netherlands - stamp club Etten Leur - Harley Day 2009

Personalized Stamp Austria - 20 years MFN

Personalized Stamp Netherlands - MFN club meeting

Stamp club Etten-Leur
2009 Harley day 2009

Motor Philatelists Netherlands
           23-08-2007 20yr jubilee                         Oct. 2009 Club day

Personalized Stamps that have been ordered by private persons with their own image are still not allowed in exhibits.

Personalized Christmas Stamp Netherlands - motor + sidecar
Netherlands 2009
Christmas stamp
privat person 

Personalized Stamp Austria - G. Tuzar
Austria 2009
Remembrance stamp family day

Personalized Stamp Norway - Suzuki Savage
Norway 2006
Suzuki Savage 650
own motorcycle of privat person

However, postal items with such a stamp can be included in an exhibit (only) because of a postmark or postal characteristic feature.

Nico Helling


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