How small may it be?


Regularly there is discussion about the size of the image of a motorcycle, or related items, on a stamp or other type of philatelic material. Some people only collect clearly recognizable motorcycles of one specific brand. Others only collect stamps with motorcycles regardless of the brand. And there are people which collect everything that is recognizable without magnifying glass.
But there is also a (small) group which adds stamps or documents to their collection which only show "something" like a motorcycle after enlarging the image with a computer. I am an example of the last category. And I again have found one, this time close to home.

Stamp booklet Mooi Nederland 2005

The booklet "Mooi Nederland" (Beautiful Netherlands) from 2005, containing the Mooi Nederland stamps from the year 2005, has on a fly-leaf a picture of a bridge in the centre of Amsterdam with on both sides, how else, parked bicycles. And between all these bicycles there is one moped. Because all parts of a stamp booklet are inextricably bound up with each other, all elements, also those not containing a postal element, may be used in an exhibition.

Fly-leaf from stamp booklet Mooi Nederland 2005

Detail of the image of the bridge

Conclusion: there is a motorcycle or moped on the image, it fulfills the rules for exhibitions so I add it to my collection.

Whether I am really going to use it in my exhibition is still the question, as the moped image is too little to be immediately noticed by viewers.

Nico Helling


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