Personal stamps

Here you will find an overview of personal stamps with the theme Motorcycle. The idea is to gather as much as possible stamps (and stamps with personal tabs) in this overview, of all possible countries. Therefore everybody (also non-members) can send in images. Please send an e-mail with the image(s) and related info, and we will add them to the site.

This overview will be extended when new stamps are known. The latest 10 new additions are:

All personal stamps can be searched.
Search criteria must be filled in in Dutch. If more fields are filled in, all criteria must be satisfied (AND-function)

Specifically for The Netherlands it is possible to do an extended search on frame colour, stamp value, orientation and type of stamp. It is also possible to define the sorting order.

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The date of addition to the site has only been registered since July 2010.
All stamps added earlier are registered as 'before July 1st 2010'.

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