Placing or removing a classified ad

When you want to place a new classified ad, please execute the following steps:

  • First login.
  • Next choose "Classified ads - Place ad" in the menu bar, or click on the button "Place new ad" on top of the page with the overview of your own classified ads.
  • First choose the type of ad that you want to place (default: for sale).
  • Type in from which country the item offered or sought after is.
  • In the field under "Ad text" type a clear and correct description of the offered or sought after item. There are a few make-up options to emphasize part of the text.
  • Next type in the asking price, or choose one of the other pricing options.
  • Next specifiy the shipment costs (to an address within the Netherlands and / or abroad), and fill in your contact data (name and email address are mandatory!).
  • Click on the button "Next" to proceed. You will come on a page where you can add one or more image(s) to the ad if you like.
  • Click on the button "Add image", or the button "Finish" if you don't want to add an image.
  • Next click on the button "Browse", this opens a selection window where you can specify which file from your computer you want to place to the ad. Once you have selected the right file, click on the button "Open".
  • Next click on the button "Save", after this the image file will be uploaded to the server.
  • Next you will see a thumbnail of your image, that will be shown in the overview of the classified ads.
  • If desired, click on the button "Add another image", after which the procedure repeats.
  • Click on the button "To overview of own ads" when all images have been added.
  • When desired check the ad, and click on the button "Modify ad" if it is not completely as you want it.

Some remarks related to placing a classified ad:

  • Placing (and viewing) classified ads is only possible for MFN members (as well within the Netherlands as abroad). Non-members can see the overview of all classified ads, but not the detailed information of an ad.
  • There are rules and terms for placing an ad. The MFN will check whether placed ads comply with these rules, and remove ads that don't. For members who repeatedly place ads that infringe on the rules, it will be made impossible to place new ads!
  • The maximum width to display images is 750 pixels. Images that are wider, will automatically be reduced to a width of 750 pixels.
  • The maximum size of image files is approximately 8 MB (8000 kB).
  • Your contact data are stored when you place your first classified ad, and are automatically re-used for new ads. When you want to change the stored data, just overwrite them. When the ad is saved, the new data will be stored.

Execute the following steps for modifying or removing a classified ad placed before:

  • In the menu bar choose "Classified ads - Overview / modify own ads".
  • Search the desired classified ad.
  • Click on the button "Remove ad" to completely remove the classified ad. Note: no confirmation is asked, gone = gone!
  • Click on the button "Modify ad" to modify the classified ad. You will com on a page with on top the same options as for placing a new ad, all data can be modified here.
    Further down is a button "Add image", with this an (extra) image can be added to the ad.
    Below this the images added before are shown, with next to them a button "Remove image", that off course removes the image. Note: also here no confirmation is asked!
    When you have made all modifications and added or removed images, click on the button "Save changes", after that you will return to the overview of your own ads.


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